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DCW understands the importance of the retail industry’s need to provide both seamless end-to-end communication and security for B2B or B2C consumers and staff. Our specialists have years of experience in understanding shopping behaviors and providing the enterprise security and technology solutions you need to keep you and your retail business connected, safe, and profitable.

Turn pain points into new business opportunities with smart digital infrastructure customized for you. Change across retail is always dramatic. We know the value through customer experience and innovation by having insight into trends that are linked to the consumer industry’s efforts in executing at scale. Customer experience models are always at the forefront of your ROI, and we understand your need to provide iterative innovation cycles with a long-term vision.

Customers expect seamless communication and exceptional trust to keep their sensitive personal information safe. We enable clients to execute their DX strategies with long-term tactics while providing end-to-end security and communication solutions throughout the process.

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Digital merchandising architecture starts with our team utilizing the latest hardware, software, and cloud solutions from industry leaders – such as Apple®, Samsung®, LG® and more – to help deliver robust  communication solutions across your retail vertical, helping you achieve optimized retail experiences.

Department stores, restaurants, hospitality, outlet stores, grocers, specialty retailers, and experience shops are seeing their workforce shifting between remote, in-house or hybrid. We can ensure your network feels seamless. 

Expect more from us than just improving your sales. Our services can help you improve customer retention rates and give cost saving benefits to you while speeding up processes overall.

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Maintain uptime with the most powerful hardware and software to leverage the highest data speeds with the lowest latency across your entire infrastructure. DCW will help you master the communication path for seamless network connectivity, communication, operations, and management of your entire enterprise network.
Specialists will confirm integration with your existing technology stack and provide you with everything from setup to upgrade. Avoid costly downtime with our white glove services for every modern hardware solution.
Support and sustain growth with cloud, virtualization, and storage networks to empower and secure your existing infrastructure with flexibility from anywhere.
Protect against inevitable power outages that can cause financial strain from downtime with leading support systems that maximize uptime, backup your data in real time, and make everything within your infrastructure trackable and measurable.
DCW makes refreshing software to stay modern through cloud solutions as hands free as you like. We will incorporate all your software licenses and make sure everything is compatible prior to deployment and backup your entire network.
Your organization’s meetings have moved beyond the conference rooms. Our collaboration specialists can ensure your team has the tools they need to work together seamlessly – no matter where they are working.
Combat the fastest-growing security concerns, including those that can put essential operational data behind a paywall. Our recovery and prevention services are designed specifically for your hardware and software. We will actively monitor and segment your systems behind a robust recovery strategy built right into your existing infrastructure.
We can find the people you need and train the people you have.
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