TLC (Technology Life Cycle)

Lifecycle management of a companyís infrastructure is on the mind of every IT professional. If you are not ready to take the plunge and replace the technology, extending its life without reduction in performance or reliability is the next best option.
Data Center Warehouse has developed an expertise in sourcing options and accessories for retired, End of life and discontinued servers, storage and networking. We will work with you to determine what is needed to maximize performance and provide a custom proposal tailored to your specific needs. There are key strategies that IT professional can leverage to get the most out of their existing hardware and avoid any unwanted large capital expenditures until it is truly necessary.

Since nearly 90% of all applications are now virtualized, giving a physical host more memory can enable a server to run more VMís or applications. Fully populating all memory banks in a server could be a cost effective solution. Data Center Warehouse stocks a healthy supply of OEM RAM for older generation servers. In the event OEM memory is not available, 3rd party (generic) RAM could be a viable solution. Your Account Manager can help you evaluate what memory is needed based on your current environment. This will ensure a seamless upgrade plan for your data center minimizing any potential downtime.

Hard Drives:
Adding more space to a Server may be necessary when serving large amounts of data, useful in such areas as backing up data and hosting large databases. Data Center Warehouse has access to and in most cases inventories Tier 1 manufacturer hard drives. In the event the hard drive is only available as refurbished, we will test prior to shipment to ensure the upmost quality as well as cover the refurbished hard drive with a 1 year replacement warranty.

Network Interface Cards:
Network Interface Cards, or NIC, are the physical connection to the network. Many networks today are flooded by the large amounts of data virtual hosts need to communicate with each other. By upgrading or adding additional NICs in the server you can avoid potential bottlenecks and enable more efficient server virtualization.

Spare Parts
Data Center Warehouse can help you find many aged or failing components for your infrastructure. Whether its cache batteries, fans, power supplies or any other accessory, let us ease the burden of finding older components or spare parts. With our extensive partner network and testing capability, let us be the source you trust for the components you need.

Most IT organizations replace their servers every three years or so. Itís a common practice, but when asked why the replacement schedule is set for every three years, most IT professionals donít have a clear answer. Most servers purchased today come standard with a 3 year warranty to support the manufacturerís suggested lifecycle, however with advancement in technology over the years, most servers manufactured today have a useful life of up to five years or more, which means youíre leaving a lot of ROI on the table if you replace prematurely.

Data Center Warehouse not only offers manufacturer post warranties but also offers 3rd party extended warranty contracts. 3rd party extended warranty contracts are a smart alternative. They can not only save you up to 60 percent of the cost of hardware maintenance, but you can extend the life of your hardware, helping you to realize significant savings. From delayed capital expenditures to reducing IT labor costs, a third party hardware maintenance contract can help you move safely beyond the three year hardware lifecycle.